Presented w/o comment: Avril “Mrs. Kroger” Lavigne’s new video

Letterman’s retiring soon (you knew that, right?) and will be replaced by Stephen Colbert. Last night, the two met on the show and lots of fun stuff happened: Colbert showing his real personality, a cool selfie and a Top 10 list from nearly 15 years ago!

Do you have Amazon Prime? You lucky bastard: you’ll get to watch HBO stuff for free over the service. Dig the above story for which shows are getting the AP treatment

I don’t really like Meet the Press - all the Sunday morning shows seem packed with old Bush administration names - but something odd is afoot at NBC

Fox’s ADHD is dead, which sucks since it means no more Axe Cop. Maybe it’ll move to FXX; it’d be a natural fit for the network.

File this one under interesting ideas that’ll never happen: moving the Late Show out of New York to New Orleans. I’d like it, but I can’t see it happening.

your daily Mexican soap opera (h/t: Jezebel)

I will miss all of these, but especially Cronenbergs