I can’t remember if I mentioned this or not, but they filmed a bunch of this in my town and if I remember right, they had a garage sale or something. Also one of the principals ended up in rehab. Good work, city I live in!

Your Daily Classic Letterman, wherein Larry “Bud” Melman greets people at the New York Bus Terminal

So Game of Thrones premiered last night…

Any thoughts?

Did you know Jeopardy turns 50 this year? Over at Uproxx/Warming Gow, they’ve got 10 videos of people being hella weird on the best game show

Back a billion years ago, Letterman’s show was a lot crazier and he used to do stuff like this all the time (just search “Letterman Crushes Stuff” on YouTube). Here’s my fav of them all

And if you’re going to show the Letterman at Taco Bell clip, you gotta pair it with this: Dave working a McDonalds and making an ass out of himself. 

Another amazeballs Letterman clip: Dave works at a Taco Bell and does all the stuff every retail worker dreams of doing

You don’t have to know anything about sports to love Shaq and Charles Barkley making fun of each other on Inside the NBA