Maybe you’ve heard how Rupert Murdoch is trying to buy CNN (or at least it’s parent company). And generally you’d assume he’d turn the network into a tire fire, kind of like how he gutted the New York Post or Chicago Sun-Times. But longtime media critic and journalism professor Dan Kennedy has a different take - namely that CNN is already in awful shape and desperate for an overhaul. Give it a read!

FX takes a different approach to the ratings game. Wonder if other networks will follow suit?

Deadspin is arguing this is in bad taste, but I’m not really sure I agree. Since these two have previously said things like “In Russia we love freedom, that’s why we love Edward Snowden” and got an entire arena hissing mad, I’m inclined to think it’s the same old heel-move, let’s make the people mad wrestling thing, not really any different than Iron Sheik and Hulk Hogan. 

And besides, does anyone really look to pro wrestling for a nuanced take on a delicate international situation? It’s where Hulk Hogan did the following:

I guess people didn’t realize Takei and Shatner didn’t get along? I dunno, this was pretty old news to me; I remember a while back, Takei got married and I think Shatner wasn’t even invited. Or maybe he just didn’t show, I don’t really remember

I guess holy-batman is more of the Dr Who expert around here, so until she weighs in on the new trailer, here’s Uproxx/Warming Glow’s Josh Kurp on the thing!

Hey cool, American Horror Story is back with a new premise: angels, scary clowns and elaborate wood frames!

Hey here’s an amazing interview with the one and only TJ Miller!