How is this real?

It’s here: Alan Sepinwall’s all-inclusive Fall preview! Dig in!

So SNL has hired just one new cast member (which is fine, it’s a full roster already anyway). It’s standup Pete Davidson, who is profiled by Uproxx/Warming Glow at the above link!

Hell yeah

This is perfect: Orange Is the New Black set against the Golden Girls theme

I had no idea the VMAs were so old, but I’m not shocked, either. MTV has been around, well, forever

I’ve been seeing rumours of this for a while and I think a Married With Children spinoff/reboot/what-have-you is a bad idea all around, since the original show wasn’t that great to begin with. But what are you gunna do?

A few days ago I posted a link about AMC’s new Walking Dead spinoff (that’s not really a spinoff). I forgot to mention that it’s not the only new zombie show: Syfy has the new series Z Nation. And above is Tim Goodman’s review of the pilot epsiode!

From Fallon the other night: him and Glenn Close stuff their faces with food

Today in Unfunny Sitcom Star Calls Out Uninteresting Pop Star:

'The Big Bang Theory' actress is slamming the tiny diva for her racy new billboard ads.

I’m not going to say she doesn’t have a point, but Grande is hardly the problem. Especially when your own show has major problems, too: just look at how Big Bang presents minorities. But it’s always easier to throw stones at someone else’s glass house, I assume.