Hey! Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be back soon!

Heh: I’d never heard of MTV Other before this and I wager you might not have either. It’s worth looking into!

Here’s a nice piece about Outlander that contrasts it with Game of Thrones and explains why more people, especially dudes, should be watching!

This might be my favourite Simpsons episode. It’s the one I think about the most, anyway

Hey cool, looks like Craigyferg might not be going away after all! He’s still leaving CBS, but might land a new gig in syndication. EW’s got the details, go check it out

Oh you know, just Jason Statham racing Jimmy Fallon in a giant hamster ball

If I’m being honest, I’m getting pretty close to getting Sharknado’d out, but sure, why not have sharks attack DC? Sure beats them attacking Florida, Texas or Seattle. Then again, Sharknado 3: London sounds rad as fuck

your daily classic simpsons!

Today in local news, a mayor is a good boy, yes he is, good boy!