I’m not even paying attention to Comiccon, but I liked this fan Q&A with the cast and crew of Bob’s Burgers

"When the knight said, “He chose poorly,” was he referring to Donovan’s choice of cup (which, after all, he did not make) or Donovan’s choice of Elsa?"

Please go read Joe Posnanski’s take on the third Indiana Jones movie

How is this real? Real amazing, I mean

My favourite part of the Today show is when they have big glasses of pretend wine and hang out and talk about stuff like the trailer for the upcoming movie adaptation of Twilight fan fiction-turned-S&M novel 50 Shades of Grey

My birthday was a few days back, so this feels a little timely: Fallon had his viewers send in tweets about their worst birthday!

Hey, Mary-Louise Parker (late of Weeds, but you knew that) and Peter Sarsgaard (The Killing) are back in a new NBC miniseries! And shockingly, it’s not based on a crappy Stephen King novella!

No spoilers, please, but here’s a bunch of new people on Game of Thrones. I’ll still at the season where Jon Snow running around way up north and I think there’s giants?

Over at USA Today is an excerpt from Brad Dukes’ upcoming oral history of Twin Peaks! It deals mostly with early casting, but if you like Twin Peaks (and who doesn’t?) it’s worth a read, so go check it out already!

This is cool: Ken Jeong is getting his own sitcom. It’s nice that Community is back, but it’s even nicer to see some of the supporting cast getting gigs, too!