Here’s a novel idea for dudes on the internet: Don’t Be An Asshole!

We’ve been on the Amazon Pilot Trail for a while now (see here and here, among others) and their third slate of pilots hits the web in about a month. In the meantime, here’s IBT fav Alan Sepinwall has a good piece about how quickly Amazon keeps pumping these out. To wit:

At this rate, they may be ordering some shows before a word’s even been written, and traveling back in time to cancel others before the creator has even thought of the idea.

Go give it a read!

Okay, so this is more of a movie post than a TV one. But I enjoyed this oral history of Napoleon Dynamite and I think you might, too!

Another fun read from Grantland’s ongoing SNL at 40 series!

Well, maybe 2007 Mark might’ve cared but honestly, at this point I barely have an opinion any more. I’m more interested if Meadow ever learned to park her car!

Here’s another story I loved!

Drunk History did an all-sports episode the other night, here’s Deadspin on one segment I particularly enjoyed!


Letterman and Pekar made an art of the train wreck interview